No One Has The POWER to Sabotage My Christmas Spirit

There are lot of things that can sabotage our Christmas spirit. Even on Christmas day the new media doesn't take a break from reporting the bad stuff. That being said, my Christmas Spirit is solely dependent on me and not people and events outside of me. 

Many people are depressed on Christmas day but instead of being depressed along with them I give them reasons to smile and laugh even if it's only for today. 

And when family and friends are in unpleasant moods I love them as they are and do not take any of their actions personally.  

The Christmas spirit for me is about focusing on being grateful for what I have. And when I do that it makes it possible for me to enjoy the many blessing of this Christmas day.

I am grateful to be ALIVE
I am grateful for my health
I am grateful for my wife
I am grateful for my kids 
I am grateful for my grandkids
I am  grateful for my daughter's and son's-in-law
I am grateful for my ability to be grateful
I am grateful for the little things as well as the big things.
I am grateful for you stopping by and reading this today


Frederick Zappone, 
Author of 7 Empowerment Books 

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