'Unconditional Love' PRODUCES Abundance (Explained)

Giving unconditional love is the SECRET to receiving ABUNDANCE in all areas of your life. Let me explain.
The more love we give to others the more love we experience ourselves that is if we give without expecting anything back in return. When we expect things back in return, for the love we give to others, we set ourselves up for heartbreak, failure and disappointment.  

When we give without expectation the UNIVERSE gives back to us multiplied in ways that we can not imagine. I know this to be true because I have personally experienced this happening in my own life.

Forms of Unconditional LOVE You Can Give

The unconditional love we give to others can be given in many different forms ranging from silently sending people 'thoughts of love' to the giving of our time, talent, wisdom or money to others.  

The type of unconditional love we give to others is up to us as long as our 'act of giving' makes us feel good and creates feelings of abundance inside of us when we freely give to others.

We cannot out-give the generous Universe in which we live as long as we are giving unconditionally. 

Giving unconditionally is FAITH in action that intuitively knows, without doubt, that the Universe will lavish abundance upon us in the form that we want and need the most. Giving unconditionally creates feelings of abundance inside of us that is the 'vibrational frequency'  needed to attract abundance back to us.

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