Did you know that surrendering to what you DON'T like makes room for what you DO like to show up in your life?

Surrendering to what I DON'T like (such as unwanted thoughts and feelings) makes room for what I DO like to show up in my life. 

Resisting what I don't like makes it persist. 

I don't have to like the idea of surrender but I must surrender to what I DON'T like it if I ever hope to have what I DO want.

When I talk about surrender I am not talking about surrender as in defeat. I am talking surrender as in GIVING UP what you don't like to your Higher Power, Angels, or the God of your understanding.. 

Surrender means to cease resisting something.  

As long as you resist things in your life that you don't like, not only will they persist but they will grow stronger and have more power and control over your thoughts and feelings.

Resistance is futile because in the end whatever you resist wins. On the other hand, surrendering is your doorway to freedom and the new life you want.  The wonderful thing about surrendering is when you surrender to what you don't like, you have plenty of energy and time to focus your attention on what you do want and do like.

The best thing about surrendering to what you DON'T like is the feeling of 'release and relief'. That feeling lets you know that you have successfully surrendered to what you DON'T like.

It is important to note that you might have to surrender to something repeatedly before it quit showing up in your life. Surrendering to what you don't like will make life brand new for you again.

Frederick Zappone,

Author Of A Book People love But Few People Buy
(Few people buy it because most people don't know it exists)

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