It's NEVER Too Late For You To Have What You Want If You Do These Four (4) Things......Continue Reading

I don't care how hard you've tried in the past or how old you are today. I don't care how many times you have failed, it is never too late for you to have what you want if you RELAX, CHILL OUT, HAVE FUN, PLAY


Attracting what you want is the EASIEST thing in the world to do if you RELAX, CHILL OUT, HAVE FUN, PLAY. 

What is it that you want?  
More love, better health, prosperity?

It's when you are in a lighthearted frame of mind that you attract what you want with effortless action.

When you are in relaxed state of mind the Universe, working in partnership with you, will deliver what you want or something better to your doorstep.  Or it will guide you to what you want requiring no struggle or worry at all on your part. IMPORTANT: The only thing required on your part to have what you want is to only take those action steps that inspire you and make you feel good to be you in some way.

DROP your fears of not getting what you want like a hot potato.  

The only thing that is stopping you from having what you want is fear.  Fear pushes what you want away from you. Fear keeps what you want at a distance from you, always just outside your reach.  If you leave your fears alone, they will leave you alone. If you mess with your fears, they will stop you forever from having what you want.  

Besides taking only those actions that make you feel good to be you, focus exclusively on what you DO like and DO want. And for God's sake keep your focus the hell off of what you DON'T like and DON'T want

If you want to develop a fearless attitude that allows you attract what you want with effortless ease, I suggest you check out my publication titled How To Bulletproof Your Attitude . 

Frederick Zappone, Author
(The reason for this is most people don't know it exists) 

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