Trust the 'Confused, Lost, Alone, Not Knowing' Feelings.

There are times, in our lives, when every one of us feels lost, alone, confused along with 'not knowing' what to do next. 

Contrary to what you may believe that is not a bad thing.  

When we are feeling that way it is a SIGNAL that we are cut off from the source of our power.  Some people refer to 'source' as the Universe, the God of their understanding or infinite intelligence. It does not matter what we call the connection to our power. What is important is that we reconnect to the source of our power as soon as possible. I should know I have felt what you are feeling right now.  

It was when I was feeling lost and alone that, from out of nowhere, I experienced this unexplainable impulse to write my first book titled Love is All I know. I thought the title strange since at that time love was not all I knew. I knew quite a bit about the opposite of love, I knew fear intimately. I lived in fear every single day of my life but that all changed when I sat down to write my book.

In spite of the fact that I wasn't a writer and that I flunked English in high school, I sat down at my computer 'clueless' about what I was going to write. In the midst  of being uncomfortable with feeling lost, alone, confused and not know what to write, suddenly my mind was flooded with  thoughts and insights I had never experienced before. 

I felt like some unknown higher power was dictating new insights and knowledge to me. This new knowledge I was receiving from a 'higher power' was making me feel better about myself than I had felt in years.  

Little did I know that the day I felt lost and alone was the day that I would reconnect to the source of my power.  It was then I realized feeling that way was the best thing that ever happened to me.  

You see when you feel lost and alone the only thing you can do is surrender to those feelings and when you do, your re-connection to the source of your life happens instantly and automatically. 

Once that happens you will feel more energized and ALIVE than you have felt in years. And your mind will be flooded with so many inspiring and empowering thoughts that you will feel as excited as a little kid on Christmas morning.  

I put all of the inspiring and empowering thoughts that were dictated to me in my book Love is All I know so other people feeling lost and alone could use my book as a tool to reconnect to the source of their power.  

From reading the reviews of my book you will find that is exactly what the book did for the people who read my book before you.  I take no credit for the life changing insights in my book, all the credit goes to the source of my life, the God of my understanding.

Much Love To You All,

Frederick Zappone, 

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