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Self-love is any thought and/or action that makes you feel good to be you. If loving yourself is hard, you are making self-love a complicated matter. To successfully and easily love yourself keep it simple. 

Any thought that makes you feel negative in any way is an ALERT SIGNAL that your attention is focused on what you DON'T like and DON'T want. It is not possible to feel bad when your 'attention and awareness' are focused on what you DO like and DO want. 


Suffering and anxiety are SIGNS that we are are being guided by our fears and not listening to the messages of guidance and advice LOVE is sending our way. Love whispers to us, fear shouts and screams at us. Listen closely for the soft, gentle whispers  of guidance and advice that love is sending your way.  They will make life easier for you.

EGO is about acquiring and/or protecting material things along with feeling separate from others. 

SPIRIT is about living in peace and harmony with yourself, while feeling one with others, 'knowing' that all of your material needs will be met.

Living in peace and harmony with yourself will make you a SUPER ATTRACTOR of all the good things you want. 

The vibrations of living in peace and harmony with ourselves are the highest vibrations any of us can produce.
Living in peace and harmony with both the saint and sinner sides of our personality is the greatest 'gift of wellness' we can give to ourselves and the people who surround us.

To become more powerful than you are quit blaming anyone, including yourself, for anything. When we blame anyone, including ourselves, for anything, all of our power bleeds right out of us and we end up feeling powerless to make the changes in our life we want to make. 

Blame keeps us pinned to the floor, it keeps us being a victim of life rather than victorious in life. The more we give up blame, the faster all of our authentic powers are fully restored to us.

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