Here's What Happens When you Send ' Thoughts of LOVE' To That Part Of Your Body That HURTS The Most.

The first thing that happens is 'past memories' of when the pain in your body originated begin vividly showing up in your mind. 

When I start sending thoughts of love to the deepest and darkest parts of my body that hurt me the most, my mind was flooded with memories of an event from my past that I had buried years ago.
The dentist had me pinned me to the floor of his office while his assistant kneeled on my arms so I couldn't stop him from cleaning my teeth. 

I ended up on the floor because the dentist kept gagging me and wouldn't stop. I slid off the chair in my attempt to get away from him. 

He wouldn't stop working on me no matter how much I gagged. He was determined to clean my teeth and didn't give a damn how scared I was or how abusive he was being to me. 

He had me on the floor with his cleaning apparatus in my mouth. His knee was pressing deep into my chest preventing me from moving at all.

I was raging on the inside. I wanted to hurt the dentist real bad in retaliation for what he was doing to me. I was terrified and frightened of dying. When I couldn't take the pain and humiliation of what the dentist was doing to me anymore, I passed out. I was only 12 years old....   

Those images showed up vividly in my mind once I started sending thoughts of love to the deepest and darkest parts of me. And for the first time in my life, I felt a significant layer of darkness leaving me. I felt more free to be me than I had felt in years.  The best part is that the more I continued to send 'thoughts of love' to that part of my body that hurt me, the less it hurt me until the pain vanished completely..

If you need help sending 'thoughts of love' to the deepest and darkest parts of you, text me at (724) 516-4050. I would be more than glad to give you my support in making life easier and sweeter for you.

Frederick Zappone,  


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