Thinking Magical Thoughts

If when you awaken, in the morning, you declare to yourself that you will see magical things unfold in your life today, you will. That is how powerful your word is when you believe in it...

There is nothing as magical as an unshakable belief in "good things happening to you every day."

Believing in yourself is the best magic of all.

It is my experience that people do have faith in themselves to create all the magic they want in their lives but alas what they have the most faith in is lack and scarcity rather than prosperity and abundance beyond measure.

Your mind can command magically things to happen, in your life. but it is not your mind that makes magical things happen, it is your spirit, obeying the commands of your mind, that does..

Magic unfolds in the lives of the people who still believe in magic.


Collecting Magical Stories

Do you have a magical story to share, large or small? I am collecting "magical stories" from people to put into a book that I am in the process of writing to be published at a later date. If you have something magical that happened to you and would like to share it with me Click Here

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