Thoughts Vs. Contradictory Thoughts.

The moment you begin FOCUSING on what you want, you begin the process of bringing into your life the object of your desires.

The moment you Focus on what you want, other thoughts arise from your subconscious mind that contradict what you want.

Notice those thoughts, allow them to be and keep your FOCUS on what you DO WANT.....and soon what arises from your subconscious mind will be thoughts that validate what you want.....It is then that you will be on your way to manifesting what you want, in your life, with effortless ease.


When making the transition from living a life of lack and scarcity to a living a life filled to overflowing with all the love, health and prosperity you have ever desired, there is a tendency to draw back, to quit doing what works..... This need not be happen to you if you are resolute in your will and will not accept failure as an option for yourself.

You pay the price for success one time but you pay the price of failure every single day of your life when you don't have in your life what you know in your "heart of hearts" is your "God given" birthright to have..

Don't give up on yourself, no matter what and God won't give up on you either. I am speaking from personal experience on this one....and if I can achieve all that I want out of life, so can you....


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