Why Perfectionists Fail....

Perfectionists not only fail at everything they do in life, they suffer a lot. You see, a perfectionist is a person who mistakenly believes they must do things perfectly, in every way, in order for success to come their way. This belief is born in fear and because this is what a perfectionist's believes, they fail at everything they do.

If you are a perfectionist, give yourself a break today and only do those things that make you happy and bring joy into your life. The things you do that are less than perfect, in your eyes, let them be in God's hands. He will make the imperfect things you do perfect in every way and success, in all that you do, will come your way with no effort at all.

Striving to achieve excellence, in all that you do, allows you to experience satisfaction while striving to achieve perfection, in all that you do, creates dissatisfaction in you.


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