Prosperity Tip #124

From this point on focus on feelings and impulses that make you feel good about money……and dismiss any thoughts or feelings about money that cause you conflict. IMMEDIATELY dismiss any thoughts or feelings about money that cause you conflict. Take no action on any issue concerning money if it causes you conflict in any way, even the smallest amount of conflict. Only take action in regards to spending money if it is entirely conflict FREE….

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Feeling Good

Did you know that your natural state is to FEEL GOOD ALL THE TIME?

Feeling good, regardless of your present set of circumstances, is more important than anything else in your life. There is nothing more important than feeling good. Feeling good attracts good things into your life every single time without fail.

When feeling badly comes upon you that is a signal alerting you to how you don't want to feel.

When feeling badly, treat yourself with kindness, be generous in taking care of yourself and forgive yourself easily for any mistakes in thinking you have made. Allow (keyword) bad feelings to gently pass you by and they will and you will return to your natural state of feeling good in no time at all.


You can tell what you are attracting into your life by how you feel. If you are feeling positive, those feelings become a "magnet of attraction" and attract into your life people and events that make you feel even better.

What you feel in your inner world is amplified and multiplied in your outer world.


Prosperity Tip #125

Worry about money is a vote of no confidence in your higher power's ability (Universe, God) to lead you to or provide you with the money you need when you need it.

Worry about how you will pay your bills is a powerful "thought vibration" that keeps the money you need at a distance from you. Never focus on lack of money because when you do, lack of money is what you create for yourself.

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Increased Prosperity

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You are Valuable

You can only feel badly about yourself when you make the judgment that something you want is more valuable than you are. Think about that for a moment. You can only feel negative about yourself when you make the judgment that something you want is more valuable than you are.

If you make wanting money more valuable than you are, guess how you will begin feeling about yourself? Anytime you make something you want more valuable or more important than you are, you will begin feeling negative about yourself.

There is no person or anything you want in life that has more value or is more important than you are. They may have equal value and importance but never more value and importance.

Feeling Uptight, Rigid??

Rigid thoughts makes the body feel rigid.

Uptight thoughts make the body feel pain.

Narrow minded thoughts constrict the blood vessels and cause people to have strokes and heart attacks.

Thoughts of scarcity make the body feel stressed and uncomfortable.

Thought have consequences and the first place we FEEL those consequences is in our body..


Changing Circumstances Quickly!

The quickest way to change your circumstances is by taking physical action. Action tells your mind you want your circumstances to be different. Taking physical action is proof to your mind that you are sincere about changing your circumstances.

Your body in motion are your thoughts in actions AND THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING....

Take whatever actions, no matter how small, that make you feel better.....and your circumstances will begin to change for the better.

Pay attention to how you feel. How you feel will let you know if your circumstances are changing. If you are feeling better that means you circumstances are changing for the better. If you are feeling worse that means your circumstances are changing for the worse. If your feelings remain the same that mean you circumstances are remaining the same.

Your feelings never LIE to you....what you feel is telling you whether you are moving towards what you want or away from what you want.

Feeling GOOD = Moving towards what you want

Feeling BAD = Moving Away from what you want.



God Wants Nothing from you!

That's right, you heard correctly, God wants NOTHING From you!

What could God possibly want from you? God is ALL POWERFUL, complete in all ways and needs nothing outside himself. What could you possibly give a God who created this vast universe of ours including all the stars, planets and galaxies as far as the eye can see.

It is ARROGRANT to think God wants or needs anything from you. Only a foolish person would think God wants something from them. That is not God wanting something from you, that is a boss, a parent, a minister, a dictator, or a person playing God who wants something from you, not GOD!

On the other hand, God wants you to USE HIM to create an ABUNDANT life for yourself filled with love, health, money and happiness to overflowing..... That why you were born in God's image and likeness, what powers God has, in his image and likeness, you have. Use those powers to create the life you want for yourself.....and quite pretending you are powerless. Every time you pretend you are powerless, you deny the God within you.....and the power you have to make your life a heaven on earth....

God's will for you is YOUR HAPPINESS. That's God's will for you, nothing else!


Give Up Guilt and Blame

Give up guilt and blame for they only weaken you, they do not strengthen you. Guilt and blame are man-made and not of God. They were created by man to control and dominate his fellow man. God only knows how to love completely and forgive instantly therefore guilt and blame are not part of how God thinks.

Focus on Abundance

Whatever you FOCUS your attention on in life expands.... so focus on what you DO WANT and not on what you don't want because whatever you focus attention on in life become the "reality" of your life.

The Problem: Scarcity - The Cure: Gratitude

Expressing gratitude for what you have guarantees you will have more.



Lousy day

Having a lousy day? If you are, I can guarantee that your "lousy day" is not being caused by the people and events that surround you. It is being caused by the critical and judgmental conversations you are having in your head about the people and events that surround you. Change the conversation in your head and you will change your day.


Feel it, Have it.

If you can feel it, you can have it. In fact the feeling of having it is telling you that what you want is coming your way.

If you don't believe me, look at your own life. You will see everything you have, in your life, is a result of feeling it before you had it... You can't have what you want unless you feel it first, that's the law.

Dissolving Negative Feelings

The easiest way to dissolve negative feelings is to FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL without judgment. When you do that, what feels unpleasant to you will dissolve naturally. Fighting with what you feel or judging what you feel , in any way, will make those feelings remain in your life for a longer period of time than is necessary.


Feels Real...

Once it FEELS real to you in your inner world (your feeling world), it becomes real to you in your outer world (your physical world). It is the law....

Language of Feelings

The language of feelings is the language of the soul. When you dismiss the messages of guidance and advice your feelings are sending your way, you are dismissing the knowledge and wisdom of your soul...

Know Your Feelings

Anytime others can make you feel bad or good in any way they are in control of your destiny. Know and understand your feelings and you will be in control of your destiny and others will not.

Feeling Good/Feeling Bad

Feeling good or feeling bad is up to us. Thought produce feelings and have consequences. The first place we feel those consequences is in our physical body. Good thoughts makes the body feel good and bad thoughts make the body feel bad. Trust your body, it will always let you know if you are thinking the best of thoughts or the worst of thoughts....

Thoughts Thinking You

Thoughts you cannot be responsible for are "THINKING YOU." In other words, they are running in the background of your mind constantly barking out orders telling you how you should feel and what you should think. This is not surprising given how many people barked out orders in your life as your grew up telling what you should think and how you should feel about every single thing.....

Any thoughts you that makes you feel bad are not your thoughts... They are thoughts programmed into your mind by others during your growing up years...


If you notice closely you will see there is a direct relationship between the thoughts you think and how you feel. If you are feeling lousy, you will notice you are thinking lousy thoughts that are making you feel that way. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS AND YOU FEELINGS WILL CHANGE ALONG WITH THEM....

What Feeling Do You Fear?

The feeling you fear RULES your life. This feeling prevents you from thinking in ways that would make it easy for you to create and/or attract into your life what you want. What feeling do you fear? Once you are aware of what feeling you fear, you can neturalize it so it no longer has any power over you.

If it Feels Real, It Is Real!

If something feels real to you, it is real. That's how you know if something is real. Without something "feeling" real, it simply isn't real in your world and all the logic in the world won't be able to convince you otherwise.

Your feelings determine what's real in your life, nothing else determines what's real in your life.


Honoring Negative Feelings

Don't fight or curse negative feelings. If you fight or curse negative feelings, you make them the enemy. Once you do that, negative feelings are no longer friendly "sign posts" telling you that your thinking is off-track, they become the tyrannical master of your life. The more you curse and resist your negative feelings, the stronger they become and the more miserable and unhappy they will make you.

Negative feelings are "sign posts" telling you that your thinking is off track. It is as simple as that and no more complicated than that...

Trust Your Feelings

If you can't trust your feelings , all of them, that means you can't fully trust yourself.

Your feelings are your internal compass. Good feelings are telling that you that your thinking is on-track and taking you in the direction you want to go. Bad feelings are telling you that your thinking is off-track and taking you in a direction you do not want to go.

Relationship Between Thoughts & Feelings

Thoughts produce FEELINGS. Good feelings tell you that your thinking is taking you in the direction you want to go with your life. Bad feelings tell you that your thinking is taking you further away from where you want to do with your life.

Trust your good feelings to guide you to the love, health and money you want.



Your Feelings Can Kill You!

What you don't know about your feelings can kill you?

Over the next 30 days I will share everything you will ever need to know about your feelings. How they work for you and against you. How they attract to you or push away from you what you want. How they color and distort what the truth really is. How your feelings lie to you and cause you to make decisions you later come to regret. Why taking drugs to medicate and sedate your feelings is dangerous to your health. What therapist won't tell you about your feelings.

During the next 30 days if you have questions about your feelings and emotions, post them by clicking on the comment link, located below, and I will answer your questions in my next post up on this site.

Frederick Zappone