Extraordinary Times - A Commentary

These are extraordinary times and in some ways they are also very negative times. Too much power and money in the hands of a privileged few who really don't have the best interests of the majority of people at heart. While these privileged few find their power in money, I find my power in God, the "Source and Creator" of all the wealth in the universe including money.

I didn't find my power in God overnight. I had to build some spiritual muscles that allowed me to pull away from the influence of those people who choose to live without being connected to God or acknowledge that God, the organizing intelligence of the universe, is the Source of all that there is.

When you choose to make God the first priority in your life, over time, your "God Connection" will move from being a fairy tale or a figment of your imagination to the most real connection you have in the entire universe....

God is REAL.....but not in ways most people believe.... God is the power behind all things....animates all things, keeps all things alive and vital.... and as his children He has given us access to all of his powers and the free will to use them as we see fit.

Yes, you have God's AMAZING power's at your disposal, right now. He wants you to use His "powers" to make your life the heaven and earth you always dreamed it could be....and once you do, show others how to do the same.....

There is not one of you reading this who cannot create MIRACLES in your life. You can create all the love, health and money you need through your connection and partnership with God, the "SOURCE ENERGY" of all things.

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