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Dear Supporter,

President Obama has called for questions from the public about the economy. He'll be answering some on national TV tomorrow night.

We know that reducing and preventing violence has the potential of saving hundreds of billions of dollars each year, so we want him to answer a question about the Department of Peace.

Carol Hillson of New York has posted a question on Go there today and vote up her question. It's simple:

  1. Go to
    • Search on Department of Peace and vote YES (click on the check box to the right of the question; you may need to log in/create an account, which is really simple!)
    • Spread the word

Try to do this today--Wednesday, March 25--as the President will be on TV tomorrow. Even if you can't to it today, do it anyway; we want this issue to continue to be in front of the White House as much as possible.

Thank you for taking action for peace!

In gratitude,

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Wendy Greene
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There is currently a bill before Congress to establish a federal Department of Peace to reduce and prevent violence in the United States and abroad. It will work to expand the nation's capacity to strategically develop and apply practical, cost-effective and proven means of resolving conflict before it erupts into violence. It will provide unprecedented financial and institutional heft to strengthen and complement our current approaches to violence, focusing on prevention through multi-layered nonviolent strategies.

Domestically, the Department will develop policies and allocate resources to support local communities in finding, funding and replicating effective violence-reduction and prevention programs. Internationally, the Department will focus on understanding and addressing the root causes of violence, providing the President and Congress with expert resources for nonviolently defusing international crises and conflicts. A Peace Academy, on par with the military service academies, will provide a four-year course of instruction after which graduates will serve five years in public service programs dedicated to domestic or international nonviolent conflict resolution.

Learn more at The Peace Alliance website.

Join us now. Create a Department of Peace. Help make history.
Together, we can do this.


    • Develop a coordinated, strategic, sophisticated approach to expanding our nation's ability to nonviolently resolve conflict before it erupts into violence
    • Provide much-needed assistance to city, county and state governments in finding, funding and expanding programs that are proven effective at reducing and preventing violence
    • Teach violence prevention and mediation to America's school children and teachers
    • Support the use of programs proven to reduce prison re-offending (recidivism) rates
    • Support our military with new peacebuilding capabilities desperately needed in the war on terror
    • Create and administer a U.S. Peace Academy to ensure the development and application of the very best nonviolent resources in conflict resolution
    • And more…

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#474 Money Attitudes

People steal, cheat, lie, kill and con other people for money. Folks who understand that money is a spiritual substance manifested in physical form have no need to do these things to other people because they have first hand knowledge that making money in abundance, from a spiritual viewpoint, is the easiest thing in the world to do. Anything less than a spiritual point of view about money will lead to greed, corruption and the misuse of money and the power that goes along with it.

#475 Money Attitudes

If you think there is something wrong or evil about making money off of other people, you will never thrive and prosper. If you think making money is not a noble or spiritual enough activity, you will never thrive and prosper. If you think money is the root of all evil, you will experience very little money in your lifetime no matter how hard you work. It's not money that is the problem, it's the erroneous attitudes and the false and mistaken beliefs people have about money that gives money its bad name..

#476 Money Attitudes

Making money in abundance is the easiest thing in the world to do UNLESS you think it is hard to do and then for you it will be hard to do. The reason for this is because your thoughts (what you think and believe) about money can only attract evidence and proof to you that confirms the validity of your thoughts even if your thoughts about money are only true for you. If you want to learn how to make money effortlessly and from a spiritual point of view, click on these links:
#487 - Prospering in a Bad Economy , #488 - Creating Prosperity Pipelines.

After reading the messages, hit the "back button" to return to this page.


#477 Money Attitudes

The stronger your desire for money, the less money you will attract to yourself. The less desire you have for money, the more money you will attract to yourself. I cannot explain why this is so. I only know when I take my focus off money and put it on what I love doing, money finds its way home to me and when my focus is on wanting money, money stays away from me as if had some kind of contagious disease.


#478 Money Attitudes

The moment you believed someone outside yourself was responsible
for your financial condition is the moment you gave your power away
to them to control your financial destiny so that you could not.

#479 Money Attitudes

It is your disbelief about how easy it is to make money in abundance
that stops you from making money in abundance with effortless ease,
nothing else, only your disbelief

#480 Money Attitudes

To thrive and prosper financially you must associate yourself with prosperous people. In order to have the best attitudes around money possible you must associate yourself with people who have the best attitudes toward money. It is also desirable to educate yourself with programs that teach you the right attitudes to have around money so that you can flourish financially from the comfort of your own home.

The Six Minutes to Success program is the best program I have found in training people to achieve the levels of prosperity they desire. As much as I know about maintaining a prosperous attitude, I signed up for this course because I knew as strong as my mind is when it comes to prosperity, the 'Six Minutes to Success' program would take me to the next level and it has..

I don't know whether they still offer it or not but they had a 7 Day Free Trial offer where you could get into the inside of their program and check out what they had to offer without risking a penny of your money. If making money is hard or stressful for you, you are doing it the wrong way. The Six minutes to Success program will show you how to do it the right way and it only takes six minutes a day.

#481 Money Attitudes

Focusing on lack of money will result in you attracting more thoughts
regarding the lack of money until you don't have any money at all. Whatever
you focus your attention on, you attract more of the same, it is the law

#482 Money Attitudes

Worry about money is fear thought that pushes money
and money-making ideas and opportunities away from you.

#483 Money Attitudes

Money operates in the background of your life until you
don't have enough of it and the moment you don't have
enough of it, it becomes the center of attention in your life.

#484 Money Attitudes

Money is to humans what water is to
fish, without it you won't live very long.

#485 Money Attitudes

Once a person without enough money realizes the part his thoughts
play in creating the money he wants, he will never lack for money again.

#486 Money Attitudes

The person who is in control of his thoughts is in control of the
prosperity he will attract to himself while those that allow their
thoughts to control them will remain poor.


Idiot's Guide for understanding the Economy

When you hear the words 'bad economy' spoken, what is happening is that a huge amount of money has
started moving spontaneously and rather quickly from one group of businesses and people to another group of businesses and people.

When someone says the economy is bad, the government doesn't take a trillion dollars out of the economy. There is the same amount of money in the economy as there was before Chicken Little yelled the sky is falling. All that is happening is that the money circulating in the economy is moving, unexpectedly and rapidly, from your wallet or pocketbook into someone else's wallet or pocketbook.

Your job when you hear the words 'bad economy' is to find out where the money is moving too and figure out how you can become part of that group of businesses and people who will benefit and prosper from this huge shift in money. If you want to thrive and prosper financially today, think global economy, not local economy, think Internet economy.

Making a living on the Internet is virtually recession proof if you understand that there is no such thing as a bad economy, only vast amounts of money moving from one group of people and businesses to another.

Successful businesses are built on friendship while businesses that fail forget
that it is the act of extending friendship to employees and customers, alike, that
make businesses successful in the first place. - Frederick Zappone




#488 Money Attitudes

If you want money to flow into your life effortlessly, you must create a 'prosperity pipeline' for yourself. You must create ways for the money you want to reach you. In other words , you have to create a pipeline that allows money to flow into your life effortlessly. There are literally thousands of ways you can do this.

One of the ways I do this for myself is I provide people with a way they can send me money in exchange for the information I give them at no charge, like the donation button you see on the left hand side of the page. Another way I create a 'prosperity pipeline' for myself is by providing links to my extraordinarily simple but powerfully effectively self-help program called the 'One Magnificent Thought' ($39.97) and my Spiritual Guide E-manual ($19.97) for people who want to connect to their own spirit guide.

Keep in mind when you are creating your own 'prosperity pipeline' you must do it in a way that feels right for you. Your 'prosperity pipeline' must feel good to you in order for it to work for you.

In addition, in order for your 'pipeline' to be financially successful, you must promote it in ways that bring you as much happiness and personal satisfaction as you can handle.. The rule of thumb I have when promoting my pipeline is if it isn't fun, if it doesn't make me happy, If it doesn't bring a smile to my face and more money in my wallet, I don't do it...

If you would like me to 'brainstorm' with you about how you can create your own 'prosperity pipeline' that's in harmony with your beliefs and values around money, I would be more than happy to spend time on the phone with you. If you are interested in talking with me about a 'prosperity pipeline' or anything else for that matter, here is how it works.

First, leave a donation in the amount of your choosing in exchange for the time I'll spend with you on the phone. After you do that, pick up the phone and call me at 724-537-6840. I takes calls up to 11:00 PM (Eastern Time) Mon-Fri.

The number is a Pittsburgh, PA area phone number. When you call, if I am not in or on the other line and you get my voice mail, leave a message and I'll call you back as soon as I can. I return all calls on a first come, first serve basis. For the record, I am not in the business of selling internet businesses. I am, however, in the business of helping people making their dreams come true. - Frederick Zappone


#489 Money Attitudes

Did you know the hardest working people make the least amount of money?
Did you know people who make money through manipulation and greed always lose it?
Did you know that money is energy in paper form that you can attract to yourself out of thin air?
Did you know any thought about money that makes you feel bad pushes money away from you?
Did you know the right attitudes about money will allow you to attract it to yourself effortlessly?


#490 Money Attitudes

I love money, I simply adore it and I am not ashamed to admit it. If you don't love money or you are afraid to admit that you do, you already have two strikes against yourself in regarding to attracting the money you want. Before you say loving money is not God-like, I didn't say I put money ahead of God, I love money because God was the inspiration for the thing called money in the first place..

Where do you think inspired ideas come from, they come from the 'organizing intelligence of the universe,' that I call God. Coming up with the idea of using paper money as an medium of exchange for the services people render to one another was one of God's most brilliant ideas. The problem people have with money is their rotten attitudes around money. I can guarantee you that if you struggle to make the money you have or you don't have as much money as you want, you have, in your mind, a whole roomful of unexamined bad attitudes towards money.

Change your attitudes towards money and you will attract money into your life, moving from a trickle to a flood, so fast that it will make your head spin. Making money in abundance is easy to do, it is only people's mistaken attitudes about money that stops them from attracting the money they want.

#491 Money Attitudes

The easiest thing in the world to do is to attract money to yourself in abundance.
The hardest thing in the world to do is to accept the idea that attracting money
to yourself in abundance is the easiest thing in the world to do.

#492 Money Attitudes

Focusing on debt is focusing on a don't want. If you focus on debt, you will attract more debt to yourself. Whatever you focus your attention on, you attract more of the same. Instead of focusing on debt or the lack of money, something you don't want, focus on what you do want, money flowing effortlessly into your life from sources both expected and unexpected, and it will.

#493 Money Attitudes

There is no such thing as a bad economy. A bad economy is nothing more than a collective bunch of bad attitudes toward money... If you are worried about the economy, don't be. Worry is fear thought and pushes away from you the money you want. The more you worry about money, the less power you have to create the money you do want. The long and short of it about the economy is this, the word economy means the management of a household or state. If you have the right attitudes, your household will flourish and prosper naturally while those households around you will not.

#494 Money Attitudes

Doing anything for money that make you feel negative in any way pushes money away from you. You can not attract money to yourself if you have bad feelings related to the ways you make your money. Making money should be a happy, joyful process that makes you feel free. If it isn't that way for you, do what you have to do to make it that way for you if you want to attract money in abundance to yourself effortlessly.

#495 Money Attitudes

The purpose of money is to provide you with freedom. The freedom to choose where you will live, what you will eat, the type of clothes you will wear, where you will travel to and when and how you will live. People with very little money have very little freedom

#496 Money Attitudes

What keeps money away from people is there unexamined attitudes towards money. The only reason people doesn't have as much money as they want is because they have attitudes of lack and scarcity running in the background of their mind on automatic pilot, outside of their conscious awareness, that cancels out their most positive thoughts towards money..

To examine your unconscious attitudes toward money, make a list of what you genuine feel towards money. The reason you should make this list is to discover what is between you and loving money unconditionally. Until you can genuine love money and what money can do for you, you will never be able to raise your 'attraction vibrations' high enough to attract the money you want with effortless ease.

#497 Money Attitudes

Money is not the root of all evil. It is the lack of money that is the root of all evil. The lack of money begins with a lackful attitude. It is the attitude of lack that is responsible for all the evil in the world because those who hold an attitude of prosperity toward money attract prosperity to themselves and never have the need to take from others by force, might or greed what does not belong to them

#498 Money Attitudes

Money is not a mystery. What is a mystery is why people have attitudes of lack
and scarcity about money when there is plenty of money available for those
folks who have attitudes of abundance and prosperity around money..

#499 Money Attitudes

Money is a piece of green paper that, in and of itself, has no power all except
for the power you project into it. If you feel powerless around money, it is
because you have projected your power into money rather than taking
responsibility for your power and using it to make all the money you want.

#500 Money Attitudes

He hated what he had to do for money, he hated the strings attached to money. He didn't understand the attitudes people have about money either attracts money to them or pushes it away from them....and because he didn't understand the part the law of attraction played in regards to his financial affairs, he was always short of money and ended up his life dead broke.

The One Magnificent Thought Self-Help
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#501 Money Attitudes

If what you do for money makes you anger or upset in any way then quit doing what you are doing for money. Working for money coming from a resentful or hateful attitude toward what you have to do for money will not attract more money to you. In fact, that atitude will push away from you the money you have so you are always in a position where you never have enough money.

#502 Money Attitudes

Doing things for money that are out of harmony with your
values and beliefs about money with allow you to survive
but it will never allow you to thrive and prosper around money

#503 Money Attitudes

People don't fail in regards to making the money they want because
they aren't smart enough, they fail in making the money they want
because they are not INSPIRED enough.

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