Your Subconscious Mind is your GPS to Success (Article explains all)

I became an overnight success after 30 years. It took me 30 years to achieve the success I wanted because I was an idiot.....  You see, I thought it was my conscious mind that determined if I would succeed or fail. 

No one ever taught me that my conscious mind allowed me to set the direction I wanted to go but it would be my subconscious mind that would make sure I got there.  

No one ever explained to me that the conscious mind was the captain of my ship and the subconscious mind was my GPS that would guide me to my destination. 

As a result of not knowing about the functions of the conscious and subconscious mind, instead of relying on my GPS to guide me to the success I wanted, I was always guessing.  'Is it this way or that.'  'Is this the right way or the wrong way.' This caused me to go in circles for years never making any real progress at all.  In fact, if you ever watched the movie  'Groundhog Day' starring Bill Murray, my life was almost exactly like that for ten years. Doing the same thing day in and day out (or a variation of the same thing) and expecting a different result, I was not only an idiot, I was infected with the family insanity virus which believed that if you did the same thing over and over again, eventually it would produce a different result.



  1. This is great! Rarely do I wish an article were longer, but I do on this one! It sounds like there is a great personal story specific to this one. I'd love to see examples of the "idiot" part and the story about when it all turned around when you started doing it the way you mention in the article. I believe this really is the first time I've ever wanted an article to be longer. :) Thiis is so good!

  2. Anonymous, here is my response in answer to your question:

    The idiot part is doing anything over and over again that causes you pain... The idiot part is trying to drive your car with your GPS rather than the steering wheel. The idiot part is not deciding what you want and sticking to it until you get it. The idiot part is not understanding that your conscious mind 'chooses and decides' and your subconscious guides you to what you want. The idiot part is not realizing that your subconscious mind is connected to the organizing intelligence of the universe which respond to your thoughts and works behind the scenes of your life making your thoughts come true. The idiot part is believing all the horrible lies about yourself that you not good enough, smart enough or deserving enough.

    The idiot part is suffering rather than enjoying every single moment of your life. The idiot part is having faith in less rather than more. The idiot part is giving up the trust you had as a child for the skeptical, distrusting mind of an adult. The idiot part is not accepting how simple and painless it is to get what you want. The idiot part is believing your struggles of the past mean you have to struggle now. The idiot part is not staying focused on gratitude for all things and forgiving yourself immediately for anything that causes you pain. Anything that makes you unhappy is the idiot part. Happiness guides you to what you want while unhappiness guides you away from what you want.

    The idiot part is trying to use your conscious mind to guide you to where you want to go. Your conscious mind is the steering wheel and can not guide you anywhere without you using your built-in GPS. Your subconscious mind is the GPS that will take you to where you want to go but you have to trust your GPS to do that otherwise you will try repeatedly, maybe for years, to make your conscious mind take you to where you want to go. The conscious mind cannot take you to where you want to go because it doesn't know how to and will never know how to until after it does it. Deciding what you want is a function of your conscious mind. Your 'desire' to achieve what you want is a function of the subconscious mind. Your desire will show you the way when your conscious mind can see no way.

    The real idiot part is not trusting your GPS (your subconscious mind) to guide you to what you want. Here's the problem, you have survived trusting your conscious mind even though it has never really given you what you wanted. The problem is if you choose to trust your subconscious mind more than your conscious mind to get what you want you don't know if you will survive. The truth is by trusting your subconscious mind you will not survive, instead you will thrive and prosper beyond anything your conscious mind can believe. You have to consciously decide to trust your subconscious mind to guide you to what you want because your subconscious mind will not do anything without the implicit permission of your conscious mind because your conscious mind the Captain of your ship and your subconscious mind is your obedient servant, only bringing to you what your conscious mind will allow.

    This short article about desire might help you undo your 'idiot parts' if you have idiot parts like I once did. The title of the article is How to Succeed At Anything. Paste this URL into your browser address bar:

    Relying on my subconscious mind started for me in 1998 when I quit my corporate job to spend full time writing self-help materials without any guarantee that I would make a buck.

  3. AUTHOR's NOTE: Distrust of your subconscious mind working for you will absolutely stop it from working in your favor. It will, however, continue to work in accordance with your belief that it doesn't work. As long as you believe it doesn't work, that it doesn't guide you or bring to you what you want, it will provide you with evidence that it doesn't work. However, if you believe it does work, it will start providing you with evidence that it does work, again in accordance with your beliefs about it.