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On the Internet, it seems everyone wants to give you free stuff for one reason or another. So much free stuff, so little time. What's good free stuff, what's junk?  How do you decide?  To help you decide whether my free daily gratitude messages are for you, I am giving you excerpts from the first twelve messages so you can get a feel and flavor for them to see if they are your cup of tea. If they are, you can sign up for my free gratitude messages by filling in the form at the bottom of this page. - Frederick Zappone

Excerpts  from the First Twelve Gratitude Messages

Message #1 - Gratitude has a FEEL to it and for
gratitude to works it's magic in your life, you must feel it.

Message #2 Being grateful for problems allows the universe
to turn something unpleasant in our life into something
good for us.. (Real life example)

Message #3 - "Gratitude also opens your eyes to the limitless
potential of the universe, while dissatisfaction closes your eyes to it." 

Message #4 - Gratitude will 'grow' abundance for you in all areas
of your life. Gratitude is the fertilizer that yields crops of abundance,
tangible and intangible including love, money and better health.

Message #5 - Gratitude is all about having us focus our attention
on the 'here and now' where our 'authentic power' lives.

Message #6 -  Appreciation for what you have, attracts. Dissatisfaction,
on the other hand, pushes good things away from you.

Message #7 -  Appreciate what you "have", before time
teaches you to appreciate what you "had".

Message #8 -  Your 'gratitude practice' begins where you are with what
you have.... And sometimes the starting place, for some folks,
is being grateful for what they had...

Message #9 -  The Voice said: "Until you learn to be grateful for
things you have, you will not receive the things you want."

Message #10 -  Gratitude for Negative Feelings makes them go POOF.  Let me explain

Message #11 -  Being grateful for all things, especially the things and people I did not like
attracted good things to me out of thin air from sources unexpected, unexpectedly.

Message #12 - Once gratitude become an automatic habit of thought for you, 

you will attract into your life, with effortless ease, more good things to be grateful for.

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