Thoughts over Morning Coffee - August 19, 2012

When I am drinking 'morning coffee,' sitting in front of my computer, the 'organizing intelligence of the universe' (a spark of which lives inside each of us) begins talking to me about life.  As this 'intelligence' chats with me, I jot down what it says to me so later on I can read and reflect on the messages of guidance and advice passed on to me.  If what I receive in my morning chats with this 'intelligence' benefits you too, it is icing on the cake. - Frederick Zappone

All people really want is to be happy but they have been lied to, duped and conned out of their happiness. They have been convinced that being happy is not their natural state of mind. 

Do you remember, you were born into this world happy. You were a happy baby and then, as you grew up, the authority figures in your life beat the happiness out of you by making you do what they wanted you to do rather than what you wanted to do. They convinced you that what they wanted you to do was for your own good, convincing you that what you wanted to do for yourself was wrong, bad or evil. 

Once they made you sufficiently unhappy they enumerated all the ways you could be happy.  By this time happiness was no longer your natural state, unhappiness was and to be happy again you had to earn it.  

To earn it, you had to have the right job, make the right amount of money, marry the right person, drive the right car, live in the right house, belong to the right religion.... And as hard as you tried to do what others said would make you happy, the unhappier you became. 

You became an unhappy person because you didn't like having to earn your happiness because the moment you got something that made you happy, after a couple of weeks it no longer made you happy and you had to start chasing something else to make you happy again... 

Happiness can be yours now without you having to earn it. To be happy now, all you have to do is be grateful for what you have because until you are grateful for what you have, you cannot have what you truly want, no matter how hard you work.... What are you sincerely grateful for, right now? Begin making your list and watch thoughts of happiness flood your mind. And from your natural happy state of mind you will attract more good thing into your life to be grateful for.  That's how my law of gratitude works.

If you doubt my words about gratitude, ask yourself this question: How do you feel when people aren't grateful for the things you do for them?  That's how I feel when you are not grateful for the life I have given you.  The more you are ungrateful for the life you have, the less I want to give you. However, the moment you become grateful for what you have now, I immediately begin working behind the scenes of your life, orchestrating people and events in your favor so you can have the life you want.


As long as you make unhappy thoughts and feelings your enemy, you will attract more thoughts and feelings that make you unhappy. In fact, making enemies out of anything tells me you are focused on what you don't want instead of what you do want.  It tells me you believe in the power of the negative more than you believe in the power of the positive.
Why focus on anything that makes you unhappy unless you falsely believe it is the unhappy thing that is stopping you from having what you want.  Ironically it is but it is you who placed the unhappy thing between you and what you want, it is you who have created the unhappy thing with your thoughts.
The quickest way to make enemies of your own thoughts is the 'I Think, They Think' thinking.  In other words, you think that other people are thinking certain negative thoughts about you but it is YOU thinking those thoughts. However, since you are convinced they are not your negative thoughts but someone elses, those negative thoughts own you and run your life in a way not to your liking.

Gratitude and Appreciation


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