NEVER give up on your DREAM... Here's why.

This is my story about my dream. In my story, you will find the story about your dream. It is true, your dream will be different than mine but the reason why you can't give up on your dream will be the same as mine.

I have a dream, my dream is for my writings about life to be so good and have so much value in them that they make people want to enthusiastically support my writings with donations.  I have been writing this blog since September, 2005 and  I rarely get donations.  In spite of a lack of donations, this is my full-time job. 

People ask me all the time:  "What motivates you to continue to write after being a financial failure with your writings for almost seven years."  
I tell them, it is my dream to become so good at writing the things I do that people will feel compelled to support my writings with donations.  They say; "why don't you charge for your writings?"  I say anyone can charge for their writings but that doesn't mean they are any good. I have bought many a book where what was inside the book wasn't worth the price I paid for it."

It is my dream for my writings to be so inspirational that people will feel so much gratitude for having read them that they can't stop themselves from donating money in support of my writings. That's how good I want my writings to become, that is part of my dream.

What has sustained my dream of a being a writer is not donations but rather, each and every day, getting better and better at what I do...  If you look at my blog archive going back to September, 2005, you will notice a huge improvement in my writings over the last seven years. I can't even begin to imagine how good my writings will be seven years from now but I know they will be amazing.  It is my goal to do the ordinary, writing, extraordinary well. It is my goal to move people to tears and take their breath away with my words. My dream is to become the 'Michelangelo' of writing. 

The #1 Reason Not To Give Up On A Dream

After seven years, almost daily there comes a time when I feel like giving up on my dream  but I won't because if I give up on my dream, I am giving up on me. And the moment I give up on me is the moment something inside me dies and once that happens it won't be long until I die.... 

And since I have no intention of dying, I will write and write until my writings become so good that people overwhelm me with donations in support of my writings and then the second part of my dream can come true. That is where I travel all over the world with my computer writing about life in other countries. 

By the way, it is never too late to work on making your dream come true. If I can work on making my dream come true at 70, you can work on making your dream come true at 22, 42, 52 or a 102.

Gratitude and Appreciation


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