Need your help, I want to know the answer to this question

“How do you recognize when something is true or good for you?”

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  1. That is a very good; yet complex question. Such a question has many answers from countless teachings. From a biblical perspective, “All things work together for good.” All things working out for good, also applies to Taoism’s “Yin & Yang” principal. However, from my personal experience you don’t really know what is true or good for you in the beginning; because at first you do not have all the pieces to the puzzle to truly know if the thing is good for you or not. For this reason I think the concept of hindsight came about; looking back, and seeing more clearly. I hope I helped, and I am more than welcome to go further with this conversation if you like.

    1. Jermaine, thank you so much for comments. You are the first person out of 29 people, who read my question, to comment. I congratulate you on stepping up to the plate and sharing your thoughtful comments with us. All of your thoughts about my question are excellent.

      For myself, when something is true for me, it rings true deep inside my soul. If something is good for me, it feel good to me, free of guilt. And like you say, often times, I don't know something is good for me until I look back in hindsight. I do like the concept' all things work for the good' That way when something doesn't look like it is for my good, I start seeking the good in a bad situation that I cannot yet see.

  2. Your welcome, I am glad I can help. I know sometimes being optimistic and seeking out the good in all things is far more easily said than done. However, it seems as the most beneficial way to go; just remember we see with our minds first, then with our eyes.

    1. I love that thought: We see with our minds first, then with our eyes.