Calling All DEPRESSED and SUICIDAL People

I have to be honest with you. I don't know if what you are about to read will be of any help to you or not.  However, because I found my way out of 'depression and suicidal hell' after the medical profession failed me, I feel a moral obligation to share with you the information I have acquired that cured me

At one time I was a very depressed and suicidal person. I was actually that way for a very long time but few people knew it.  I felt deep shame. The only thing that stopped me from killing myself was the belief that if I tried, I would fail at that too

As you know, if you suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts, the last thing you want to do is burden other people with your problems.. You try to put on a 'brave' front' but it is not easy.  

If you are like I was, you always feel 'less than' other people.  Your strongest desire is to be loved and understood by people but all you end up experiencing is rejection and being misunderstood by others.  Your pain of feeling alone and separate from others can be excruciating at times.  

You spend a great deal of your life trying to run away from yourself and since you know you can't do that, you do whatever you can to numb your painful, shameful feelings of depression and suicide

You medicate and sedate your 'feelings' with drugs, pills, food, alcohol or sex. You take whatever you can and you do whatever you can do to make your worthless feelings disappear....  

And while you succeed in making your worthless feelings go away for a little while, sometimes as short as a minute or two, they always come back, stronger than before..

How do we come into this world as a happy baby
and end up a depressed and suicidal adult.

The answer is at once simple and complex, the 'forces of life' shape us into the adults we become.  The people, circumstances and events of our lives push and shove us 'this way and that' and if we haven't had a chance to find our inner anchor, our inner core, it is easy to be influenced and swept away by the attitudes of people who make us feel less than the magnificent, powerful people we truly are... 


The 'forces of life' that shaped me in the beginning was pain. Lots of it, starting when I was six years old and my dad had a nervous breakdown and ended up in the hospital where he was given 'shock' treatments. 

When he returned home from the hospital, every time I got angry or upset my mother told me if I didn't stop it immediately, I would send my dad back to the hospital.... 

My mother's words put the fear of God in me because I adored my dad. The thought I could put my dad back in the hospital by being angry or upset really frightened me. From that point on, I suppressed or denied every negative thing I felt. Over time, suppressing, denying and lying about what I truly felt caused me to begin experiencing bouts of depression along with suicidal thoughts.  

As a small boy, the pain of suppressing what I felt was so awful for me, at times, I would lay on my bedroom floor, with the door locked, stabbing myself over and over again with an imaginary knife in the hopes that I could kill off the pain I felt inside of me........  

Then, when I was 7 years old (this may sound silly to you) a nun told me if I committed a sin and didn't get to confession before I died, I would go to hell and never see the face of God for all eternity. As soon as you she said that to me, for reasons I cannot explain, I felt like someone had delivered a fatal blow to my solar plexus and I burst into tears, the crying lasted for hours.

It was back then that I, unwittingly, learned how to focus on what I didn't want because I was terrified of going to hell and the awful things the devil would do to a 7 year old boy like me.

I didn't know it at the time but when you focus on what you don't want, you attract more of the same. Not knowing that caused me to attract more pain into my life instead of less.

The pain included being married and divorced twice, once to a woman who literally went crazy on me. She destroyed all my personal possessions and ended up in an mental institution.

In addition to attracting that kind of emotional pain , two of my children died unexpectedly, John at 18 months (a birth defect) and Beth at age 30 (medical negligence). She left four little girls behind ages 8 to 1 1/2 years old. I also attracted into my life two embarrassing bankruptcies. 

My life was an endless sea of emotional and physical pain until I decided to use the pain life threw my way to find a new way of thinking. A way of thinking that would set me free from my pain so I could create a life full of joy, inspiration, happiness, success and prosperity. I did just that for myself and you can too. 

Today, life is good, it is very, very good to me.

I have no debt whatsoever. I pay for everything with cash even though I have outstanding credit these days. I have excellent health, I take no pills or medication of any kind. And I have been in a loving relationship, the perfect relationship for me, going on nine years now. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Everything I learned about how to change my thinking so I could change my life, I put into two publications so other people who are suffering like I once did, do not have to suffer any longer.  The two publications are listed below.  I have modestly priced my publications so money won't be a problem for folks who want to buy them. After purchasing my books, if you ever have any questions about the content, write me, you'll find my private email address inside the publications. - Frederick Zappone

Copyrighted 2012 By Frederick Zappone


1. The REALITY of Feeling Good, No Matter What
2. Your Power Lives in the Moment 
3. Understanding Brings Healing. 
      (Understanding What causes you to feel bad makes you feel good)

4. Whatever you make the Enemy, Has Power Over You
5. Feelings: Your Inner Guidance System
6. The Power To Make What Goes Wrong In Your Life, Turn Out Right
7. Why Being 'Against Anything' Destroy The Bullet Proof Attitude
     (And why being 'for things' strengthens your bullet proof attitude) 
8. The Elimination of All Fear Based Thoughts
9. Instant Insights – 'Life is Good' One Liners
10. How to Bullet Proof Your Feelings
11. Neutralizing Your #1 Power Robber
12. Suffering and Pain are Optional and Not Required
13. Letting Go In Order To Have What You Want 
14. Red Light – Green Light Feelings
15. The Truth Shall Set you Free But First It will Piss You Off 
16. Healing the ‘Feel Bad’ Nerves In Your Brain 
17. You Create It All 
18. Releasing Thoughts that Imprison You

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You can medicate and sedate your pain, you can tolerate and put up with your pain or you can embrace your pain and make it disappear from your life with no effort at all. Let me show you know....

In this publication I share with you everything you need to know to dissolve any physical or emotional pain you are experiencing, right now, without the need for drugs or pills of any kind.  

If you are currently taking prescription drugs for your pain, I am not suggesting you quit taking them. Quite the contrary, keep taking them and  along with them implement the 'embracing the pain' technique I share with you in this 'cutting edge' publication to speed up the process of making pain disappear from your body with no effort at all.


1. Learn why feeling the pain, heals it.
2. Embracing pain causes no pain.
3. The 'Embracing Pain' Methodology
4. Reversing Disease By Reversing Thought.
5. Many things you know about pain are not true.
6. Pain is weakness leaving the body.
7. Making Pain Disappear Without Drugs.
8. Evolutionary Thoughts About Pain
9. Pain is harmless until you label it...
10. His Thoughts CURED him of Cancer (True Story - Documented)

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