Letters to God from Anonymous #2

I have this good friend of mine who writes a very private blog where the only way you can see it is by invitation only.  I am so moved and touched by his honest, gritty blog entries I asked permission to reprint some of his entries on my blog.  He has graciously given me permission to reprint any blog entry of his I find noteworthy as long as I don't reveal his real name. Here is one of his entries. - Frederick Zappone

Dear God,

Help me with my addiction of helping other people to the point of making myself sick...  I am addicted to helping other people to the point of abusing myself.  Help me turn the corner on this one.  I know I am doing this because I think by doing this people will like me better and in return take better care of me. 

G. Anonymous

(After I told God what was on my mind, without me thinking about it because I was in a state of mediation, the following words spontaneously showed up in my mind in response to what I was talking to God about. - G. Anonymous)
Dear G.

What you believe is NOT TRUE.  It is not true because people resent receiving help or support from people who are into sacrifice or self abuse.   The reason they resent it is because it makes them feel guilty and obligated to help people in return.  The fact is, no one enjoys doing things for others when they feel guilty or obligated to do so. Quit obligating people and making them feel guilty. If you do, people will naturally and spontaneously, give generously back to you. - GOD

Prayer of TRUST

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  1. when you give the love in you permission to flow, you will help others without running on empty! giving thru love has no motives... try to find the love that is in you first, it is a beautiful experience, trust me I have been there.