Getting over Past Disappointments and Hurts.

Most everyone I know has had plenty of disappointments, early in life, as a result of failing or not achieving what they wanted. As a young person, not knowing any better, many of us made the decision that we would never be hurt again so we started resisting the possibility of future disappointments by either giving up on what we wanted or by resisting what LIFE was serving up to us moment by moment. By resisting life, by judging life, by believing life was against us, we have been keeping what we have truly desired, at a distance from ourselves, always just outside your reach.... Surrender to 'what is', give up all resistance to 'what is'... Resistance doesn't change 'what it,' it just makes it persist. If you want what you say you want, surrender, let go, release, give up all thoughts and feelings that are stopping what you want from coming to you or the universe guiding you to it. - Frederick Zappone,  author of: Love Is All I Know (Amazon)



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