Eleven (11) Reasons Why you should LOVE yourself first...

1. All great loves begin with great self-love.
2. You can only give love if you have love to give.
3. Loving yourself attracts your desires to you naturally
4. Nothing good ever comes out of disliking or hating yourself.
5. Loving yourself makes difficult problems easy for you to solve.
6. Loving yourself connects you to all others different than myself.
7. Only when you are loving yourself can you feel God's love for you too.
8. Loving yourself allows you to feel good even when circumstances are not.
9. Loving yourself sufficiently makes other people's soap opera's disappear from your life.
10. Loving yourself sufficiently draws into your life unexpected opportunities and possibilities.
11. Loving yourself strengthens your immune system and keeps you healthy and energetic. 

 The opposite of Self-Love is not Selfishness, it is Self-Abuse

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