The Automatic SQUASHING Yourself Machine..

The automatic squashing machine is the thing many people do to themselves the moment they feel something negative. Instead of allowing the negative feelings to harmlessly pass out of their body the way a baby passes gas, people squash their feelings, push them down, suppress them, resist them, depress them and then people wonder why they feel the way they do.

Medicating and sedating squashed feelings is a bandaid, it does not make negative feelings go away, it makes the feelings burrow themselves into the cells of the body causing people all kinds of unexpected health problems.

Squashing negative feelings has a cumulative effect.  It makes people feel tense, stressed out, worried, or anxious. In worst case situations, squashing negative feelings makes people feel hopeless, depressed, ineffective, even suicidal. 

Squashed feelings weaken the immune system causing people to experience serious illness when they shouldn't be ill at all. On the other hand,  people who have been coached by me to consciously release negative feelings as they show up, in their body, end up feeling lighter and brighter and more energetic and creative than they ever thought possible

If you would like to be coached by me on the various ways you can naturally release negative feelings so they cannot harm you in any way, write me. My fee for a 60 minute session is $50.00, a 30 minute session is $25.00. All sessions are confidential and are conducted via phone or skypes. The wait time for an appointment with me is currently running two weeks. If you would like to schedule a session with me or want more information, write me, Click Here

In The Moment Coaching Service

As a OPTION, I have a monthly coaching program where I coach people by texting them when they are experiencing difficulties with negative emotions. People heal faster when I coach them through a negative episode, in the moment, rather than talking to me at an appointed time. When clients text me with an emotional issue, I get back to them within 5 minutes. 

I am available to my clients from 8 AM to 8 PM, seven days a week.  My service is performed on a month by month basis, there is no long term contract. If you wish to make use of my monthly service or want more information, write me. Click Here - Frederick Zappone 

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