16 Facts About FEELINGS

1. Feelings we resist eventually take over control of our personality and make us feel stupid, dumb, flawed or defective when we are not.

2. The quickest way to make a person your enemy is to be insensitive to their feelings.

3. Resisting a crazy person makes them more crazy. Loving a crazy person as they are makes them more sane.

4. Nothing good was ever obtained by resisting 'what is'

5. Accepting 'what is' sets you free to create what will be.

6. Feeling are the first physical evidence that something is coming true for you. Don't like what coming true for you, change your thoughts and your feelings will change too.

7. In life we are either FULLY expressing ourselves or we are depressing ourselves.

8. Feelings make people go postal, not thoughts.

9. Violence is caused by what people feel. It is feelings that energizes violent thoughts that result in violent actions. Change their feelings, the violence ends.

10. The quickest way to cripple yourself physically and mentally is to medicate and sedate yourself emotionally.

11. Negative feelings do not mean you are flawed in some way. They are simply ALERT Signals that your thinking is off-track and taking you away from what you want.

12. Feelings are not accidental, they are either created by our thoughts or the thoughts of others

13. Your feelings can be your greatest gift from the Universe or your worst nightmare from hell.

14. If you don't care about your feelings, no one else will.

15. If you are not in charge of your feelings, your feelings will be manipulated and controlled by others.

16. It is not what you think that causes you problems, it is how you feel about what you think that does.


The people who value their 'feelings and emotions' the most, suffer the least
Negative feelings never mean you are defective in any way, they are ALERT signals

The information in my newsletter makes it possible for you to use your feelings to guide you to what you DO want and at the same time, steer you away from the things you DON'T want. Your feelings are where your deepest 'truths' live, always telling you how you really feel about something or someone while your mind, often times, tries to convince you otherwise. Your feelings never lie to you, although your mind will. The moment that happens is the moment conflict between your heart and your head begins.  The information in my newsletter makes it easy for you to resolve conflicts between your mind and emotions.

The 'cutting edge' information in my newsletter will show you how to use your feelings to attract what you want without the struggle, pain and drama that many people experience in their attempts to attract the love, health or money they want. Feelings are where your REAL power lives. Understand your feelings and you will understand the immense power you have at your disposal to create the life you want, your way.

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