Yes, I was called that more than once..

You are so stupid Zappone, what's wrong with you.
(A teacher who shall remain nameless)

You have so much potential Zappone, you are wasting it.
( The Principle of my school who also shall remain nameless)

Zappone, you will never amount to anything.
(My Sargent in the Air Force who shall also remain nameless)

Zappone, you  are shaped like a bubble, I am going to call you Bubbles Zappone  (My football coach who shall remain nameless)


I am Italian/German.

Dad was the Italian, the emotional one.

Mom was the German, the stoic one with the iron will.

My first memory of being aware of myself went like this:

"Holy God, I feel like a Mexican jumping bean trapped inside a body of steel. When mom and dad made me, I came out with my mother's qualities on the outside of me and my dad's qualities on the inside of me."

Because of my steel outer shell, I could not articulate my thoughts and feelings very well. When I was younger, people thought me to be stupid, slow or a bit off.. It hurt a lot to be called things I was not but instead of taking their insults to heart, I used them to become the me I am today.

I became a very simple thinker because for myself simple thinking gave me clarity of thought and peace of mind whereas the complicated thinking of other always made me feel dumb as a rock.

I discovered complicated thinking was the source of a lot of my pain and confusion in life. I use to believe that people who thought in complicated ways were really smart people. Over time, I found out most of them were clueless and if they couldn't dazzle me with their brilliance they were going to try like hell to baffle me with their bullshit.

Listed below are some uncomplicated thoughts of mine that have made life easier for me, I hope they make life easier for you too.  :)

 • The way out of suffering is through it. Resist suffering and suffering increases. Acceptance, in the moment, that you are suffering will dissolve your suffering instantly.

• You are perfect in every way until you compare yourself with another.

• Your need to control things is based on the fear of things controlling you.

• What you worry about is what controls you.

• Every one of us is allowed to suffer in order that we can grow in compassion and sensitivity towards the suffering of others.

• The love you feel for your children is the love God feels for you.

• People criticize you as a way to control your thinking or behavior and for no other reason.

• When someone treats us unkindly we learn how to treat others with great kindness.

• Strangers can love you easier than family because strangers have no history with you that they can hold against you.

• Only people who live in fear feel the need to abuse others.

• Trying too hard is un-attractive (does not attract) and pushes away from us the very things we want.

• When you encounter obstacles or roadblocks that are between you and what you want out of life choose to be like the "wind and water" and "flow" up, over, around or under them rather than fighting them and giving them power over you.

• We become free to follow the desires of our heart when we are influenced more by our own thoughts than the thoughts of others.

• Happiness allows us to walk over the top of our problems while unhappiness causes us to drown in them.

• In life, we always have two choices about our circumstances; we can change our circumstances or we can change our attitude about our circumstances. Once we change our attitude, our circumstances change naturally.

• When we stop finding faults in ourselves, we will stop finding faults in others.

• A relaxed mind solves even the most difficult problems, in life, easily. A stressed out mind delays problems being solved. A closed mind prevents problems from being solved altogether.

• God most often answers our prayers in the form of an inspired thought or creative idea that either sets us free or moves us to tears.

• God lives in the moment. If you want to find God, live there too!

• Discarding the past and forgetting about the future by living in the moment will give you the peace of mind you seek.

• Being rejected is part of life, get over it.

• Life doesn't always go your way, don't take it personally.

• Most people are full of crap, love them anyway.

• If you care about you, others will too!

• Putting other people first all the time will put you back at the end of the line.

• Life is not difficult, it is only our thinking that makes it so..

• Find humor in your problems and they will seem smaller to you.

• Love won't solve the problems of the world but it certainly makes the ride worthwhile.

• Don't take yourself too seriously, no one else does.

• Sometimes it hurts to think, that's why people get headaches.

• Creating prosperity is "simple" to do and yet many people judge that "simple thought" as "too good too be true" while never judging the thought that scarcity and lack of money are "too bad to be true".

• The one real weakness we have is underestimating the part our very own thoughts played in creating the circumstances we have in our life today.

• Every thought we think is a prayer to God.

• Expressing sincere prayers of gratitude for what we have guarantees that we will have more.

• There is always hope and a way out from underneath depression and despair when we change how we think.

• When I feel threatened by what others believe that means I 'fear' I might be wrong

• Any time you are feeling negative, you are not loving and approving of yourself. If you were loving and approving of yourself, you would never feel negative.

If you like my uncomplicated way of thinking, you will find more of my simple thinking  at Love Solves All

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