Ever have an UPSET? If so, you will want to read this article.


I could feel a big upset coming on. I just wrote this update to my web page titled: Your Untold Love Story. I was trying to upload the page to my server so I could share it with others.  The software not only wouldn't let me update my file, it deleted my original file.

I knew that  If I allowed myself to have a full blown upset,  things would go from bad to worse. My intuition told me that my 'pending upset' was an  ALERT SIGNAL. It was alerting me to STOP, BREATHE and focus my energies on calming down and become very present in the moment.

The result of calming down and writing about my upset caused what wasn't working in my life to start working again. Why?

Because as I kept myself focused on writing this message to you (rather than on what went wrong), the solution on how to solve my problem popped into my mind out of thin air as a complete picture.

The picture showed me exactly what to do to solve the problem. The feeling I had when I saw the picture in my mind was one of absolute certainty that this was the answer and it was.  Immediately after seeing how to fix the problem, I did what the picture demonstrated and uploaded my file 
'Your Untold Love Story' to my server with no problems at all.

Lesson I learned today:

A calm mind solves problems easily. 
A Stressed out mind delays problems being solved. 
An upset mind stops problems from being solved altogether. 

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