Things going WRONG, Push the RESET Button

When things go wrong as they sometimes do.
When things aren't going according to plan.
When people are disappointing you.

Go to the RESET position.

This is the position that makes the
things going wrong in your life, turn out right.

Question: What is the RESET position?

Answer: The reset position is:


Repeat it over and over again to yourself when things aren't going according to plan or are outside of your control.

The best way to repeat it to yourself. over and over again is to record it on your phone and play it over and over again using a headset while doing other things. I am doing it right now as I write this message to you..


1. Whether you totally accept or believe in the words I LOVE AND APPROVE OF MYSELF, they will calm you down.

2. They will keep you from focusing on DON'T WANT.

3. They will connect you to Source (the organizing intelligence of the universe) is very real and tangible ways.

4. No matter how badly you feel before you employ the RESET position, after you ACTIVATE the reset button you will begin to feel peaceful and centered once again. You will begin to feel your real power once again.

Do I have things that go wrong in my life?  Of course I do. The difference between myself and many other people is I don't make things worse by having a bad attitude about it.  The moment I noticed things going wrong that are outside my control, I revert to the RESET position and stay there until things start going right again and they always do.

The RESET position takes you back to the position where you experience yourself as perfect in every way. It is the state of your wholeness.

The Reset position is the way you were when you were born into this world before your mind became programmed with information that made you doubt, then forget your own magnificence, brilliance and power. 


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