Why Feeling Bad NEVER gets us Anything GOOD.

Feeling bad every time I didn't get the results I wanted delayed me getting the results I wanted and in worst case situations prevented me from getting the results I wanted altogether.

I would support people in feeling bad if it moved them even one inch closer to getting what they want but it doesn't, it moves them miles away from what they want. Feeling bad is the way people keep what they want at a distance from themselves, always just outside their reach.

The only reason people feel bad is because they carry the 'mistaken belief' that somehow, some way, feeling bad will get them what they want.

That mistaken belief comes from being a child when the adults in our lives would shut us up by giving into our bad attitude and give us what we wanted rather than training us in accordance with how 'universal law' works.

The Universe doesn't reward bad feeling with good things. the Universe rewards bad feelings by making us feel worse. It only rewards good things to us when we feel good. 
Conscious mind DIRECTS, Subconscious Mind DELIVERS

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