The One Attitude You Must Have to be SUCCESSFUL

Convincing others of anything is a waste of your time. The only person you must convince of anything is yourself. If you are convinced an idea will work for you, it has no choice but to come true for you. 

The fact is, if you are convinced that your ideas will work for you others will be convinced too.  And if you are not convinced, all your attempts to convince others will end up in failure for you.

When you feel it, you are convinced.  

Your convictions live in your feelings. To achieve impossible success in your life, you must convince yourself that it can be done.... And once you feel that it can be done, it will be done and you will do it.


Have no loyalty or allegiance to any thought, belief, dogma, doctrine, philosophy, opinion or point of view that does not work for you. Your only allegiance should be to doing to what WORKS for you, what makes you feel good about being you and harms no others in the process of acquiring or attracting to yourself the good things you want.

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