Why your ANGER Sucks!

You are an idiot if you think getting angry at someone will change change their thoughts, words or actions in any way. Sorry to inform you but getting angry at someone only makes them more resolute in not changing.  If getting angry at someone did any good Hillary Clinton would have been elected President and not Donald Trump. 

Getting angry at someone is what people do when they deny how powerless they feel about changing something they do not like. 

Getting angry at someone ultimately will take you to no place good. In fact if you get angry enough, you might kill someone.

Angry is the emotion that ultimately motivates people to kill people, A person is angry because they don't like how another person is being and the anger builds and builds until it take over complete control of a person's personality. Once that happens the person who allowed anger to be their master rather than mastering their angry say and does bad things that can never be undone.

Anger is an ALERT SIGNAL that you are thinking thoughts and taking actions are can cause injury to yourself and others. It is an ALERT signal that you are thinking the wrong thoughts for you. Anger alerts you that you're thinking thoughts that are not working for you, thoughts that are pushing what you want away from you rather than attracting it to you.  

Anger is the #1 emotion  your subconscious mind uses to prevent you from knowing the truth about a person or circumstance. As the old saying goes, the truth shall set you free but first it shall piss you off.

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