'How To Make Affirmations Work For you. (The Method)

Say it often enough and your word becomes LAW in the Universe.
I can guarantee you the following 5 affirmations will work for you if you follow my instructions to the letter. These affirmations have never failed to work with my clients who followed my instructions.

I Am Loved
I Am Happy
I am Healthy
I Am Wealthy
I Get Paid Incredible Amounts Of Money Just For Being Me.

These affirmations have the power to change your life for the better forever but in order for that to happen you must repeat the affirmations over and over again on a regular and consistent basis until they become anchored in your subconscious mind. 

Once the affirmations become anchored in your subconscious, you will feel them. Once you feel them they begin the process of manifesting into your physical reality as if by magic. In truth, magic has nothing to do with it while 'quantum physics' has everything to do with it.  

These affirmations have produced INCREDIBLE results in the lives of my clients who followed my instructions to the letter. 
Questions and Answers About Affirmations

Question: Do I have to believe an affirmation for it to work for me.
Answer: No, you just have to repeat it until it becomes anchored in your subconscious mind.

Question: Is it best to repeat one affirmation at a time until it becomes anchored in my subconscious mind instead of repeating loads of different affirmation? 

Answer: Yes, repeating one affirmation works best.

Pick out the one affirmation on the list that is most important to you and repeat it until you have achieved subconscious success.

The Repetition Formula goes like this:

Repeat one affirmation until you feel it. Once you feel it that means it is anchored in your subconscious mind, Once it is anchored in your subconscious mind it will begin manifesting itself into your physical reality. As you repeat your one affirmation notice whether you are accepting it or resisting it. If you are resisting it, keep repeating it until the resistance dissolves and you feel your subconscious mind accepting it. 

Question:  How do affirmations work?

Answer:  Once an affirmation becomes anchored in your subconscious mind it  acts on that affirmation and silently guides you to take actions (without any conscious thought on your part required) that results in you attracting to yourself  what you want. As an example, in regards to money, you may be silently guided to buying a lottery ticket at a particular store at or particular time. Or you could be guided to do something or meet someone that results in a money making opportunity showing up in your life that produces the money you want. 

Question: Should I do the affirmation everyday?

Answer:  Take a break from doing an affirmation at least one full day a week. This speeds up the process of the new thought anchoring itself to the subconscious mind. Saying the affirmation is planting the seed, taking a break is allowing it to grow and take root in your subconscious mind.

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