Are You TOO HARD On Yourself?

There is nothing worse that being highly critical of ourselves for not being the perfect person we want to be. Being critical of ourselves does not make us a better person, it makes us a far worse person.

Often times we are trying to reach standards of success or perfection that we never set for ourselves in the first place. 

The standards of success we pursue that cause us to reject ourselves when we fail were set by other people during our growing up years. 

Those standards could have been set by our parents, teachers, relatives or our local minister. Regardless, trying to be perfect or achieve levels of success that other people wish to see us achieve has caused many a good person to suffer needlessly. 

Giving yourself the gift of unconditional self-love is the greatest gift you can possibly give yourself.  Giving yourself this gift takes both time and practice but it is worth it to be able to live in peace and harmony with both the good and not so good sides of yourself.

On the Internet the success you see other people achieving is presented to you by folks who only bring their 'A' game to the Internet. Behind the scenes of their lives they have the same problems and personal conflicts that you have with yourself, something you rarely see.  

You may admire the lifestyle of the Kardashians but I guarantee you they have more problems and conflicts than you will ever have. And worse yet, because they are in the public eye all the time, they always have to be at their best which only creates constant unwanted stress.

Learning to accept your weaknesses and imperfections is perfection. When you can live in peace and harmony with both the saint and sinner sides of you, you're as close to perfection in this life as you will ever get.

By the way, you don't have to like your weaknesses or imperfections to accept them, you only have to accept them to experience more love and appreciation of yourself.  

In the final analysis, it doesn't matter if you are successful or perfect in the eyes of others, it only matters that you love yourself unconditionally.


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