Fearful American's Should be Ashamed Of Themselves.

I have never seen so many people living in fear since Trump got elected as President. To allow the thoughts and actions of one man determine your state of mind is absolutely ridiculous. It is actually worse than that, it is a form of insanity. Living in a state of fear is so Un-American that if you live that way, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Thinking thoughts of fear will certainly contribute to you attracting what you fear. Thoughts create reality and right now the fearful Americans in this country are doing a damn good job of allowing the 'fear mongers' to control and dominate their thinking. Fear mongers get  their 'power and energy' from you. If you live in fear that is only because you are thinking and believing the worst about mankind rather than the best.

If you live in fear that because you believe you are a powerless, pathetic, speck of dust in the cosmos with no control over your fate when it is your thoughts of fear that are controlling your fate and not the thoughts of anyone living outside yourself.

Get a grip, quit being the victim of your thoughts, become the master of them.  As long as you allow the thoughts of others to control your thinking, they have all the power over your life and you do not.

Quit feeding the 'fear monsters' your power. Take back your power and live the magnificent, powerful life you are destined to live.  Take back your power by countering every thought of fear with thoughts of love.  

Let Thoughts of Love Always Be Your Guide

Love is not some sentimental weakness or mushy feeling, it is so much more than that. Love it is a POWER, a PRESENCE, an INTELLIGENCE that lives with you, go within or go without, use it or lose it. 

Living in fear is not loving yourself at all, it is the most destructive form of self-abuse.  If you want to show up in the world as the powerful person you truly are, love yourself like you have loved no other. 

In the process of loving yourself more, all of your power will be fully restored to you and fear will no longer be your enemy like it once was.  To learn more about the incredible and unbelievable power of self-love to make what's going wrong with your life turn our right, click here


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