NOT CARING - The Best Feeling Of Them All.

Not caring means you have no attachment to the outcome of things.  It means you have preferences of how you would like things to turn out but you are not attached to your preferences. 

Not caring gives you a sense of freedom and power you never experience when you are attached to outcomes. Attachment to how things turns out always results in needless suffering.

When you don't care, it is much easier to enjoy life and the people in your life. And when you don't care, the people who used to upset you, no longer upset you, they amuse you.

We were brought up to believe that caring was a good thing. The truth be told according to caring is not all that great.  Here is how defines the word care.

As you can see from reading the dictionary definition of the word care, care means to suffer and that why I don't care. You see suffering of any kind doesn't make anyone's life better

Don't misunderstand me, I am very compassionate and loving. I also understand I have ZERO control over the thoughts and actions of people outside myself so caring about what they do or don't do is a waste of my time and energy. Time and energy I could be using to enjoy life and create products and services that inspire and empower people.


My personal self-love journey showed me how to not care about things I have no control over. You can read about it by clicking here

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