The TRAP of Feeling Trapped.

Just because you feel trapped does not mean you are trapped.  It is only a feeling that will change when you change your thoughts.

The trapped feeling is so hypnotizing, so mesmerizing, so strong, so powerful that is freezes your thinking. It causes you to operate your life on automatic pilot without any conscious thought on your part that would set you free from the trapped feeling. 

While you may feel trapped it is only a feeling that stays in place because you 'believe' you are trapped.  

No matter what you feel you always have options but if you are stuck feeling trapped you will be unable to 'experience the feeling' that you have options that goes along with the thought that you have options.

Feelings are to humans what gasoline is to cars. It is the fuel that makes us take action. Good feelings produce good actions that produce good results. Bad feelings produce bad actions that produce bad results. Trapped feelings produce no actions which produce no results.

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