Your Self-Love ALARM Protects You Against Negativity

Do you know where in your body your 'self-love alarm' goes off when you are not loving yourself enough? Mine goes off in my solar plexus. I have become very sensitive to the workings of my solar plexus because it is the seat of all of our emotions. 

As soon as my solar plexus begins tightening up that immediately ALERTS me that whatever I am thinking or doing is taking me away from loving myself sufficiently. If I continue to ignore my self-love alarm I will end up hating myself and putting myself down in many different ways. 

My alarm was persistent. The more I ignored it, the tighter my solar plexus became until I had no choice but to pay attention to it. When my 'alarm' went off it wanted me to quit doing the 'thoughtless, habitual' thing I was doing that was causing me not to love myself sufficiently. 

Each of us has a Self-Love ALARM located somewhere in our body. For some people it is around their heart area. For others it shows up in the form of headaches or pressure around the temples. For still others, they feel nauseated or they feel their alarm go off in their solar plexus. 

In the past I had the bad habit of ignoring my self-love alarm until it was too late. This caused me to suffer needlessly. To break that bad habit I created a series of 'self-love reminder notes' that I sent myself to make me more aware of those times that I was not loving myself sufficiently. If you would like a copy of the 'notes' I used to break my bad habit, you can get your free copy by clicking here.

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