Sunday Morning Inspirational One Liners (24 in all)

I am known for my original inspirational 'one liners'.  Here are 24 of my Sunday Morning Inspirational one liners all in one place.

1. If you truly approve of yourself and what you want, you will attract it effortlessly.

2. Not manifesting what you want means you are still seeking the approval of another.

3. A friend who discourages you is your enemy in disguise.

3. Falling madly in love with yourself will solve many of your problems because problems, often times, are not problems at all but unconscious acts of self-abuse.

4. People suffer until they realize suffering isn't necessary at all.

5. Feeling bad never attracts anything good, that's reason enough to never feel bad.

6. Attracting what you want is EASY to do if you BELIEVE you can.

7. People who love themselves sufficiently are masters at ALLOWING their good.

8. Pursuing things pushes things away from me so I don't. Instead I attract and allow.

9. If you must complain, complain to the person who can do something about your problem.

10.Never talk about your problems unless you want more of them.

11. You cannot go wrong encouraging others because you will be encouraged too

12. You never expect the worst but your fears do. Know the difference.

13. If you want to succeed in the future, allow your past failures to pass you by

14. If you don't take good care of you, the Universe won't either....

15. It is not what happens that hurts us, it our thoughts about what happened that does.

16. All thoughts have consequences and the first place we feel them is in the body.

17. The thoughts we choose to dwell on cause us to feel the way we do.

18. People are always selling you their thoughts. Be sure you only BUY those thoughts that inspire and empower you

20. If there is pain in your love, it is not love at all, it is self-abuse.

21. If you are in emotional pain you, that is an an ALERT SIGNAL are not loving yourself enough.

22. People always, ALWAYS, find evidence to justify their agenda or point of view.

23. The more I am grateful for the life I have, the better my life becomes. The more I complain about my life, the worse my life gets. Gratitude is a choice.

24. For The Best Results In Life Fall MADLY in Love With Yourself. Continue Reading:

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