Today's Commentary: 'Feeling The Love.'

All that any of us really want is to feel loved. The problem is we have this non-stop chattering mind that gets between us and feeling the love. In fact our mind spends most of its time trying to convince us that we are not loved. And without feeling the love we end up feeling like a crazy person. The society we live in today has become a  'no touchy' society.  If we can't hug each other, hold hands with each other and kiss one another without it turning into something unwanted, we're screwed.  

Babies thrive when they are held and cuddled and when they are not, they get sick and die.  The love we gives to babies is the love we withhold from adults. When we withhold the love an adult needs it turns them into crazy people. Love withheld  causes people to resort to drinking, drugging and violence in protest for the love they need that they are not receiving. - From the Self-Love MASTERY Teachings

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