Eight (8) Insights on Becoming Successful at SELF-TALK

1. Positive self-talk causes you to become your own best friend and ally rather than becoming own worst adversary and enemy.

2. How you start talking to yourself the first thing in the morning determines how wonderful or terrible your day will be.

3. Feeling negative ALERTS you that you are unwittingly (thoughtlessly, unconsciously) having a negative conversation with yourself that is making you feel discouraged or defeated. Stop the conversation.

4. ONCE you get over being afraid of your own THOUGHTS life will become more  WONDERFUL for you than you ever thought possible.

5. BEST and WORST Conversations You'll Ever Have Are With Yourself.

6. Your Self-Talk has the power to make you bolder, braver and stronger or it has the power to weaken and discourage you to the point where you quit or give up. Don't allow negative self-talk to stop you from becoming the  SUPER STAR you were born to become.

7. Remember, nothing or no one can stop you from making your dreams come true except for your very own thoughts of your thoughts about other people's thoughts, still your thoughts.

8. Attention is the beginning of Devotion. Whatever we focus our attention on (positive or negative) is what we become devoted too. Be sure you become devoted to your strengths and not your weaknesses.

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