The EASY way I HEAL My Negative Emotions.

The truth is not always pretty, sometimes it is downright ugly but just because it is, that is no reason not to tell it.  

What kind of truth are we talking about here?  

In this case, we are talking about my truth in regards to how angry, hurt, disappointed and bitter I am that I have failed as a writer.   

Failure in my case means not making money from my writings or receiving appreciation from people for all the insights and wisdom I have shared with them through my writings, free of charge.

I must admit I hate, truly hate feeling angry, hurt, bitter and resentful about my failure as a writer.  The problem is, hating what I feel about my writings makes those feelings persist. 

I am sharing my 'ugly truth' with you in regards to how I feel about my writings to show you how I heal myself of  unwanted feelings so you can do the same. The short answer to how I heal unwanted feelings is that I fully express what I feel rather than suppressing what I feel and allowing those  suppressed feelings to make me feel depressed.

The only thing that holds people back in life is sitting on unwanted or undesirable feelings. In fact, sitting on unwanted feelings, for an extended period of time, causes those feelings to burrow themselves into the cells of a person's body causing them to become physically sick.

In life we are either fully expressing ourselves or we are depressing ourselves. Fully expressing yourself, including all of your negative emotions, in a healthy way will make you very healthy. Fully expressing negative feelings releases them from the physical body. On the other hand, suppressing them make them stick to your body like super-glue resulting in people getting sick and dying before their time.

UPDATED:  Tuesday February, 12, 2019

Fully expressing our negative thoughts and feelings (at least to ourselves if no one else) makes them DISAPPEAR like magic.  

Disappearing negative emotions happen to me all the time. For example, once I fully expressed to you how I felt about myself as a 'failed writer' on February 7th, since that time I haven't felt any of those negative emotions. In fact, since I fully expressed those negative emotions to you,  I have felt very much like a successful writer.

Frederick Zappone

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  1. Your writing has empowered me on so many levels

    1. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and let me know my writings are making a difference in your life. Thank you.