Your Life's PURPOSE is to be HAPPY. Here is why.

Your purpose in life is to be HAPPY and those people who want to be happy for you and along side of you, will be. The people who do not want to be happy are not your problem. The reason it is your job to be happy is because no one can make you happy but you.

The reason it is your purpose in life to be happy is what's the point of living if you are not happy.  Living an unhappy life doesn't make life better for anyone. On the other hand, being happy adds to the happiness of others and become the inspiration unhappy people need to become happy people too.  Happy people are energetic people. Happy people are people who like to do good because it makes them feel good.

Happiness is a moment by moment choice we make. Granted there many, many reasons to be unhappy but I advise against it. The only things you should be unhappy about, if you must tbe unhappy, are things you can change. Being unhappy about things you cannot change is a form of undiagnosed insanity.

Frederick Zappone

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