What your FEELINGS can do for you. (Simple Truth)

The most important simple truth, thoughts produce feelings. 

Feeling are the first physical evidence that something, good or bad, is coming true for you.  If you don't like what's coming true for you, change your thoughts. Changing your thoughts changes your feelings which change your results (what's coming true for you).

If you can feel it, you can attract it.

Feelings are the 'vibration' that creates your reality. Feelings working in partnership with the 'organizing intelligence of the universe' draw unto you the people, events and circumstances necessary to create the physical equivalent of what you feel.

Underestimating the part your feelings play in creating your personal reality is your only real weakness.  

- Frederick Zappone, Coach and Author


You GOT it All Wrong..

Rejection doesn't hurt
Disappointment doesn't hurt
Unfulfilled expectations don't hurt
The experience of 'Lack' doesn't hurt
People saying NO to you doesn't hurt

What hurts is you RESISTING those things happening to you. What hurts is you 'believing' the negative things that happen to you means you won't get what you want, that's what really causes you to hurt.

The truth be told the things that happen to you that you judge to be negative are really the Universe's SHORTCUTS to getting you what you want.  The problem is because you believe what happened to you is a bad thing, you resist it and in resisting it, you delay receiving your good.

Resisting things is a ‘vibration’ that causes unwanted things to stick to you like super glue. When you live in a state of ‘allowing’ instead of resisting things, unwanted things harmlessly pass you by like clouds in the sky. In there place, the things you want begin showing up in your life with no effort at all.

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The Dark Side of the GRATITUDE practice. (Explained)

Gratitude is wonderful and it works but it does have a dark side to it. As you practice gratitude, you will have those periods of time where you are not feeling grateful at all. In fact, you will have those times where you experience being very ungrateful. Along with being ungrateful you can experience bitterness, anger, powerlessness, hopelessness, helplessness, envy and even jealousy. This will happens if you resist the 'gratitude practice' pulling out the darkness still remaining inside of you.

Gratitude calls forth into our conscious mind any darkness left inside us so it can be dissolved by the LIGHT, of love, that lives within us.

When you feel darkness coming up inside yourself while 'practicing gratitude' don't resist it and don't make yourself wrong for experiencing it. Instead accept the darkness you are thinking and feeling in your present moments of living. If you do that, the dark thoughts and feelings inside of you will dissolve naturally and pass out of you as quickly as they entered you. However if you resist them or make yourself wrong for having dark thoughts and feelings, they will persist. They will not only persist, they will grow stronger and have more power over you. Only by accepting your 'dark thoughts and feelings' will they dissolve naturally. You don't have to like your dark thoughts and feelings to accept them, you only have to accept them for them to dissolve with no effort at all.

Frederick Zappone,  
Life Coach and Author of Seven Books


She was so MESSED up until she WOKE up

She woke up and discovered that being messed up on inside was because she had been believing in and attempting to live other people's truth rather than her own. She experienced endless pain and conflict as long as she lived other people's truth. However once she began 'believing in and living her truth' her life became filled with insane amounts of happiness, joy and prosperity.

She discover when she lived her truth she was happy almost all the time and when she didn't, she was worried, anxious or depressed most of the time. However, once she began taking the time to discover and live her truth, her problems began disappearing, for no logical reason she could explain, all being replaced with opportunities and infinite possibilities that showed up everywhere - From the author of: Love is All I Know, Preview it on Amazon.


Becoming the 'Powerful Person' You Knew You Could Be

Creating your FUTURE Self...

In order to create your 'future self' you must let go of your past self. You must let go of your failures, of the times you were a victim, of the times you were on the losing end of things. You must let go of all the times life did you wrong. This is important to do if, in the future, you want life to do right by you not just some of the time but all of the time.

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-- Frederick Zappone, Coach and Author of Love is All I Know -
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