Giving up RESISTANCE To Your GOOD. (Yes, we resist our good and don't even realize we are doing it.)

What Does RESISTANCE Feel Like?

In its simplest form resistance feels negative. Resistance makes us feel weak and powerless. It makes us feel less than the magnificent, powerful, brilliant, lovable to the core people we truly are. 

When we are resisting something most times we think we are resisting 'something unwanted' when in reality we are keeping 'something unwanted' in our lives. By giving up your resistance to 'unwanted things' you make room for the 'wanted things' to show up in your life. 

When you give up resisting, the things you have been trying to make happen, in your life, begin happening in ways that can only be described as magical. Things will begin working in your favor with no effort at all. Things will begin working for you in ways that defy all of your logical explanations. This happens automatically when you give up resisting.

To give up resisting entirely you have to quit resisting your resistance. When people catch themselves resisting something they try to stop resisting because they know it is a bad thing. The problem is the moment people try to quit resisting something they find themselves 'resisting their resistance'. The only way to quit 'resisting your  resistance' is through the practice of observation. Observe your resistance non-judgmentally and your 'resistance' will simple fall away from you with ZERO effort all your part required.

Because I know 'resistance' is the ONLY thing that stops people from having the good things they want out of life I have created the 'RESISTANCE HOTLINE'.  It works this way, when you catch yourself stuck resisting something and need support in getting unstuck from your resistance, text me at (724) 516-4050.  I will provide you with free 'text message' coaching in releasing your resistance. Donations are accepted in exchange for my free coaching but are not required.

A word of caution. The only way to dissolve resistance completely is through the practice of observation.  Thinking about your resistance only causes it to intensify and gain more power and control over you.

Frederick Zappone, Author Love is All I know

(In my book you will find an abundance 
of insights related to giving up your resistance to things.)

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