To Achieve 'Your' Success You Must Do This One Thing.

Do you believe people have to like you or approve of what you are doing you before you can achieve the SUCCESS you want?  Think deeply about my question for a minute before you answer it.

Got your answer? Okay continue reading.

If deep down you believe that people must like and approve of you in order for you to achieve the level of success you want, not only are you screwed but you are up sh*t creek without a paddle.

To achieve the success you want, people 'liking and approving' of you is the one thing you absolutely do not need. 

What you do need is LIKING and APPROVING of yourself. You need to like and approve of yourself always and in all ways and under all circumstances. Without you liking you, without you approving of you every step of the way, you are doomed to a life of dissatisfaction, disappointment and one failure after another.


Never sell out your integrity (values, beliefs) because you think it will get you what you want from other people because it won't. All 'selling out your integrity' will get you is being rejected over and over again until you end up feeling hopeless, helpless or powerless. 

Selling out your integrity is a sure fire way to end up becoming a victim of your life rather than victorious in life. 

Selling out your integrity guarantees you that your best will never be good enough and that you will never be enough.. 


You will know you are not selling out your integrity when it feels good to be you. If you are not feeling good about 'being you,' you are selling out your integrity. You are either wanting other people to like you or wanting people to approve of what you are offering them. 

When you like and approve of yourself sufficiently what other people think of you will not matter to you one damn bit. And that is as it should be. What should matter to you is liking and approving of yourself regardless of what other people think of you.

Liking and approving of yourself in everything you think and in every action you takes guarantees that you will achieve the level of fame, fortune and satisfaction you want.  I have achieved my level of fame and fortune and so can you if only you always be true to you.

Frederick Zappone

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