I am my own Problem. The only problem I have is me. The only roadblock I have to achieving my goals is me.

The only thing that is between me and making my dreams come true is me, nothing else, just me.  To be clear, I am not blaming myself in any way. What I am doing is taking 100% responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and actions. I am no longer blaming circumstances or other people for how I think, feel and act.

Blaming others, including myself, drained me of energy and made me feel completely powerless while taking full responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and actions inspires and empowers me.  

I must admit getting to the place in my life where I blame no one for my troubles, especially myself, has not been an easy one.  There has been a lot of pain and heartache involved in my journey,

The biggest lesson I learned on my journey of playing the victim of my life to becoming the master of it is that we only experience pain when we don't take 100% responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions.  Once we take 100% responsibility, pain is no longer part of our reality except for those times when we forget to take full responsibility. 

The second biggest lesson I learned was that my most painful thoughts were those thoughts I had about other people's thoughts.  When I made up 'negative stuff' in my head about what I thought other people were thinking about me or the books I wrote, those were the most painful and crippling thoughts of all.

The third lesson I learned is that pain is an ALERT signal that we are blaming someone or something for things not working out in our life as we planned. Blame is the ULTIMATE power drainer. Blame is what makes us a victim of our circumstances rather than the master of them. 

No blame, no pain. Blame, plenty of pain, deep pain, endless pain

Frederick Zappone, 

(The reason more people don't buy the book is they don't know it exists, yet)

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