I Have A Big PROBLEM With This Joyce Meyer's Quote.

The problem I have with Joyce Meyer's quotation is that sometimes we are negative for a good reason. Are we suppose to deny how we truly feel and show up in the world as a fake person? 

I think being negative from to time time is part of being human. That's being said, being negative is a place we visit from time to time but we don't have to live the majority of our lives from a negative state of mind.

I like being positive. I am positive most of the time but sometimes until I get sh*t worked out in my head I may appear to be negative to other people. In reality what I am doing is processing negative stuff that is going on inside my mind so I can feel good about myself again. 

I believe in processing negative thoughts privately and then responding appropriately with grace, dignity and forgiveness when necessary.

Frederick Zappone, Author
(The reason for this is most people don't know it exists) 

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