Feeling Negative is your INNER BULLY At Work.

Feeling negative ALWAYS alerts you that your 'inner bully' is trying to sabotage you and undermine your confidence in yourself.

Your 'inner bully' lives in your subconscious mind and is made up of all the negative things people ever said or did to you. It then uses your 'inner voice' to masquerades itself as you so you think you are the one who is flawed or defective in some way when you are not.

You defeat your 'inner bully' by making up your mind that you are no longer willing to put up with thoughts that make you feel less than the magnificent, powerful, brilliant, lovable to the core person you truly are.

Feeling negative means you are unconsciously ALLOWING your 'inner bully' to beat you up for something.

Use your 'inner bully' 'beating you up or criticizing you' for something as an ALERT SIGNAL to  consciously practice becoming the master of your bully rather than continuing to allow it to victimize you.

Once you stop allowing your 'inner bully' to beat you up even for the smallest thing, your life will become absolutely magical. 

You will begin attracting into your life all the things you ever wanted. You will attract the things you want in ways you cannot explain all because you mastered no longer beating yourself up even for the smallest thing. 

No longer allowing your 'inner bully' to beat you up will take a bit of time so be gentle with yourself as you work on achieving master over it.

As soon as you hear your 'inner bully' sending a negative thought your way say the word CANCEL. Then immediately replace the negative thought with the opposite thought that makes you feel good to be you. 

Do this often enough and you will replace your 'inner bully' with an 'inner cheerleader' who will be there for you inspiring and empowering, in all ways,  as you travel down the pathway of your life.

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