I love fear thoughts, they entertain me, even make me laugh

I love fear thoughts, they entertain me. They didn't at one time because I was afraid of them. I am no longer afraid of them so these days, when they show up in my mind, out of thin air, they entertain me.  I observe them, I watch them like watching a suspenseful  movie but I give them no power at all because I don't have conversations with them. I just watch them.  

Fear thoughts act like 'Chicken Little'. They come running up to you yelling; 'the sky is falling, the sky is falling' when nothing like that is happening at all.  If you watch your fear thoughts rather than have conversations with them, they will entertain the heck out of you. However, if you start having conversations with them, guaranteed they will beat the shit out of you and defeat you every single time. Observe, watch your fear thoughts like a horror movie or bad nightmare and they won't have any power over you at all.


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