I gave up suffering for all time...


A month ago I did my last experience of suffering.  

I gave up suffering when I realized that I suffered because of the thoughts I was thinking and the negative judgments I made about those thoughts.  If I think thoughts about what I 'don't want' and then judge those thoughts as cut in concrete, never to be changed, I suffer. However if I focus on thoughts of those things I DO WANT and accept those thoughts as my future reality, suffering stops.

Many people suffer because they believe, under certain conditions, suffering is mandatory.  They also believe that suffering makes them a better person.  In truth, all suffering does is makes you suffer more until suffering becomes so unbearable that all you want to do is die. 

Focusing on anything that makes me suffer, make me suffer more because whatever I focus my attention on, I attract more of the same kind of thoughts, feelings and negative physical sensations to my body. By the same token, when I focus on what makes me happy, I attract more thoughts that make me happy and create physical sensations of satisfaction and contentment in my body.

The way out of suffering is through it. Resist suffering and suffering increases. Acceptance, in the moment, that you are suffering will dissolve your suffering instantly. - Frederick Zappone

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