Quit making DEPRESSION a Big Deal.... (The CURE)


The more you make anything a big deal, the more strength and power it gains over you.  The more you believe your depression is more powerful than you are, the more power your depression has over you. I was diagnosed  as clinically and chronically depressed.  I did the whole trip, therapy and pills and the more I followed the traditional route, looking for a cure, the worse my depression got for me UNTIL I quit making a big deal out of my depression...   

I did that by becoming the OBSERVER of my depression rather than the STORY TELLER of my depression.  I made depression disappear from my life by taking back the power I had given depression to depress me.   If you want to know how I made depression completely disappear from my life take my Self-Love Thought Mastery Program. I have been 'depression-free' for over 30 years....

If you suffer from depression you know the pain you feel and you know how depression sucks all the joy and happiness out of your life and makes you feel like you are flawed or defective in some way.  That's the way it was for me until I became the OBSERVER of my depression. In becoming the 'observer' of my depression, a new way of thinking came over me that set me free of depression and allowed me to feel good, no matter what.  As a result of becoming depression free I started writing a twice monthly newsletter sharing with others what I know about making depression disappear from their lives.   

I understand depressed people better than most.  Suffering from depression is bad enough but their are many other things we suffer from when we are depressed. We suffer from a lack of confidence. We experience a lack of love in our life and experience incredible loneliness. We are full of self doubt and feel insecure a lot of the time. We feel we have to hide our depression from others.  

In addition, we experienced being judged and criticized by others more than most. Depressed people are hyper sensitive. As a result, we easily pick up on other people's negative emotions which only makes us feel more depressed.  Often times we feel suicidal, not because we want to end our life but because we want the pain of our loneliness, separation and shame to end.  

As a former depressed person, I know depressed people have a hard time making decisions. They have a harder time taking action and because they have been disappointed so many times in finding a cure for their depression, they are a very skeptical bunch of people.  These are my kind of people because I have been where they are at. I understand what they are going through and I understand what it takes to become depression free. I also know depressed people can't quit being depressed until they create a new personality for themselves. A personality that reflects the best side of themselves, the most expressive side of themselves that dissolves, for all time, the depressed side of their personality.


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